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The Florence Hills

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The Roman SPA - The Florence Hills Resort & SPA

THE ROMAN SPA – The suggestion of a magical place


Who has never dreamed, as if by magic, of being in a Thermal Bath in Ancient Rome?

Well, our Resort is located right in the area of an ancient Roman Thermal Bath, where some stone pools, used for cold mineral water baths during the Late Imperial Age, were discovered. Those same waters still spring from our water well, dug a few meters from our SPA. Proofs of this glorious past are the name of the street where our Resort is located – Via “il Bagno” – and the name of the village itself – “Pelago” – whose Latin original version “Pelagus” means large quantities of water. Then, let yourself be transported on a dreamlike journey, discovering those ancient and healthy customs and enjoy the timeless feeling of immersing yourself in a natural stone pool.




Our Roman SPA offers a wellness path with two large Rapolano-stone pools – one with heated water and jacuzzi and the other with cold water – in addition to a bath of Salts – also in natural stone – dedicated to the flavored Scrub, a splendid purification ritual.

Finnish Sauna, Hammam and Relax Area complete the Thermarium equipment.





Body and Spirit Care

Body care also starts from nourishing the spirit.

To rediscover your inner peace and get in touch with yourself, in addition to traditional massages (back and neck, tensioriflessogen, Relax, Thai..), our Ritual Alchemist Masseuse, Lucia Colabella, offers several special treatments, which are the pride of our Resort.

Real metaphysical rituals performed in the holistic Massage Room of the Roman SPA, where the massage blends with a powerful channeling of energy.






ARABIC HEART: As though in a pas de deux, a harmonious dance of energies immersed in an Arab climate with oriental music and perfumes.

AMANASKA RITUAL: a loving and unconditional touch, a true sensory experience that awakens vital energy and arouses a state of profound well-being.

SACRED COUPLE RITUAL: a single operator will act as a bridge to connect the couple in a sacred alchemical circle.

SPORT EXCLUSIVE: A deep and intense treatment, post or presport, which exploits the peculiarities of energy channeling to relax and reinvigorate body and mind. Every athlete should try it at least once.




High Technology by “General Project”

The Roman Spa provides treatments with high quality devices, produced by General Project, an international company known for the exclusivity of its products ( and equipped with the most advanced technologies, which allow who chooses them to combine holistic practices and science, for body remodeling and facial rejuvenation.




LOCALISED FAT AND CELLULITE TREATMENTS with “MedContour” ultrasound technology


ANTI-AGING FACE TREATMENTS with “MedVisage” ultrasound and radiofrequency technology


FACE AND BODY TREATMENTS with microdermabrasion, oxygenation and connective massage with “Oxy System”



For info and prices, please contact us using the chat below, by email at, by telephone at + 39 055 832 7094.

Check also the page dedicated to the Wellness Packages, designed specifically for ensuring you a unique experience!



Classic Massages and Treatments



Pamper yourself with this illuminating, regenerating and anti-aging treatment, that will take care of your face, giving you a break full of intensity and harmony.
30 minutes – Euro 60,00


Through pleasant and wise maneuvers with this massage the patient can alleviate pains, relieve the feeling of fatigue and relax muscles and nerve tensions.
30 minutes – Euro 60,00


Aimed to the care of the body, this massage uses different techniques, relaxing and anti-fatigue, also personalizable upon your request, and offers moments of intense well-being.
40 minutes – Euro 70,00


By choosing this treatment you will enjoy the pleasure of feeling your body toned and revitalized, for an extraordinary feeling of lightness.
60 minutes – Euro 90,00


In harmony with your being, a sweet manual care will guide you in a state of total relaxation..
60 minutes – Euro 90,00


Water treatment utilizing the hydromassage potential and manual techniques. It has a shaping and toning effect, as well as having a soothing effect on the spine.
50 minutes – Euro 90,00



VIP treatments 

(75 minutes, Euro 115)



Homaging the sacredness of your body, Amanaska – a wonderful treatment that integrates pampering and therapy – will lead you in the dream dimension, deeply regenerating yourself.


A harmonious integration of face and body, which offers a deep physical and mental wellbeing, giving the face a great sheen and the body a feeling of deep regeneration.


From the ancient Thai tradition, a massage that brings great benefits, both physically and emotionally. Thai worker, at the highest levels of specialization.


A fascinating oriental discipline born to transmit vital energy, melts into an intense and pleasant massage, to promote harmonization of mind, heart and spirit.



Couples Massage (55 minutes, 75 Euro per person)

In total share of energy and well-being you will breathe the same flavors and the same atmosphere pleasantly soft and cozy. An engaging and harmonizing break for two…


2018 NEWs!


THE GOLDEN PATH (120 minutes, Euro 320)

Complete treatment with selected citrus oils and spices, facial rejuvenation/body modeling. The treatment uses high-tech manual and efficiencies technologies. In the enchantment of infinite pampering, the mind regenerates and the body acquires youth and vigor..


All treatments and access to the Wellness Area are by reservation and subject to availability.